Alcoutim is a hillside town of cobbled streets, small squares and a paved promenade along the river front which is overlooked by a handful of cafes and restaurants.The river is quite narrow at this point and various sailing boats and river craft float gently on the waters, with a backdrop of rolling, green hills. The church near the river front originates from the 16th century, but has been re-built on a number of occasions. Over the porch are the arms of the Marquises of Vila Real and Counts of Alcoutim.


If you want to see more of the surrounding country side, you may leave the IC27 at Odeleite and follow the Odeleite river to Foz de Odeleite, where it flows into the Guadiana river. From there take the M507 to the north along the Guadiana until you reach Alcoutim.

There is a road that winds along the bank of the Guadiana from Alcoutim as far Alamo. Its route leads it through a landscape of harsh beauty softened by water, foliage and flowers. But the best way to discover the river’s many delights is by boat. In Alcoutim Guerreiros do Rio it is possible to hire boats that can be taken either up or down Guadiana. Upstream from Alcoutim, watch out for the curious Rocha dos Livros (Rock of Books), a rock that looks like a shelf carved from stone, and the llha d’El Rei island. Downstream, the river follows an enchanting course around long, gentle curves dotted with the white houses of riverside villages.


You can access Alcoutim also by boat from Vila Real de Santo António if you have time and want to enjoy a peaceful cruise on the river.