The city of Loulé, flanked by hills, is situated in the Barrocal, a fertile landscape between the coast and the mountains. The national road EN125 and the A22 motorway are only a few kilometers south of Loulé. The nearest train station of the Linha do Algarve is situated in Quatro Estradas a few km outside the city. Access by bus is more convenient: EVA Transportes operates a bus terminal in the city centre and links Loulé to many other places in the Algarve, to Lisbon and to Seville in Spain.

Loulé is famous for it’s Saturday morning gipsy market (at the end of Rua da Nossa Senhora da Piedade) and there are trips available from most resorts in the Algarve if you don’t have a car. It also has a really good daily market in the Arabian style market hall on Praça da República (open every morning except Sunday).


Although it is quite a big town, all the areas that visitors will probably want to see are in a relatively compact area. It is a good idea to use a map as on a first visit (from experience!) it is easy to turn down the wrong street and walk a lot further than you may want to.